Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random Pics of the Month - May: Seven Things About Anakin Skywalker

Since I did something similar to Spock last year, I might as well do the same to this franchise's main guy.

Anakin was a slave boy who saved Naboo, yelled "yipee" a lot, and was badly directed. "Are you an angel?" Ugh.

Anakin hates sand, kills Sand People, and likes dictatorships. Seriously, what did Padme see in this psycho?

Anakin... actually becomes a likable human being. Seriously, The Clone Wars did Anakin better than the prequels did!

Anakin/Darth Vader ain't afraid to choke a wench though he is now afraid of the high ground.

Darth Vader apparently hates atheism these days.

Darth Vader knows the power of the Dark Side. 'Nuff Said.

Finally, Darth Vader isn't that much of an idiot, Palpatine. "Yes, let me electrocute the son of my apprentice in front of his face! I'm so smart and eeeeevvvvviiiillllll!

Overall, Anakin Skywalker is alright though he is cooler in those black clothes.

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  1. "Are you an angel?" = Ugh indeed! And your comment about Anakin and sand made me LOL!