Friday, July 5, 2013

Weird Star Trek Episodes - Shades of Gray aka "Clip Show: the Next Generation"

Wow! It's the first TNG episode in this section. Unfortunately, it's not a good one. Some say that it's the worst episode of the series. I don't think I can say that, but I see why people say it's the worst. It's basically a clip show. The plot is that Comm. Riker is on some alien planet where he gets struck by some alien plant. The plant had microbes that are spreading all over his nervous system and those microbes are shutting his body down. The only way Doctor Pulaski (in her last episode) can save him is to hook him up to a machine that... well, stimulates his brain to have either good or bad memories. It's through the bad memories that Riker's able to be cured.

Laying around in some sort of contraption sounds like money well earned.

About half of the episode is full of clips from the two seasons. It's an episode that really makes me want to watch those episodes instead! It's that dull! The story is alright but what I just explained is all that happens.   The weirdest thing about this episode is that it was the season finale to Season 2. A clip show being made to be a season finale... it looks like "These Are The Voyages" isn't the only crappy finale. I'll get to that piece of  stinkin' bread later. Some interesting info on this episode can be found here. Overall,  it's definitely an episode to skip since nothing really happens.

Man, I need to end this post on something cheerful... Ah.

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  1. Shades of Gray is a totally bizarre episode. In case you were unaware, it was formed because of the writer's strike. Thanks, guys.