Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Music Retrospective: The Police - Reggatta de Blanc

Well... one drawback to doing themed months is that you tend to pass over certain things. This was one of them. Oh well... Today's album is the Police's second album: Reggatta de Blanc. I think it's supposed to mean "White Reggae" though I believe Sting just made it up or something. Google Translate ain't helping' me out on this! Oh well... Anyway, is this album any good? Let's see...

  1. Message in a Bottle - This is one of their most classic songs. It held up then, and it still holds up now. I feel like the song is talking about some sort of depression, but it could just be talking about anything really. It's about a guy who's lost and is hoping for a helping hand, but he finds out that there are others like him out there. My only regret about this song is that I didn't put it on my list from way back when. I may do something about that when I've gone through all of these albums.
  2. Reggatta de Blanc - It's an instrumental piece and a pretty good one at that. It's basically an extension of the bridge (I guess that's what it's called) to "Can't Stand Losing You." This song even won a Grammy and I can sort of see why.
  3. It's Alright for You - This is a cool song, but it's kind of a generic Police song. It's fast, it's got good music, and it has Sting throwing out lyrics I really don't remember. I do remember the guitar solo and it was pretty cool.
  4. Bring On the Night - Here's another one of their songs that I really like. I know I can almost say that about every song on here, but it's true.
  5. Deathwish - When I got the whole album, this song was a shock to me mostly because... it is good. It's definitely a good driving song (though the title is something I don't think about when driving or doing anything for that matter). Anyway, the whole song is just put together so well. I especially like the nice rhythm the bass is blaring out. Unfortunately, this song also gets me thinking about another song... a song by George Michael... you know the one...just skip to 1:10 in the video.
  6. Walking On the Moon - Here's another one of my favorites. There's really not much to say about it. It's just plain good.
  7. On Any Other Day - This song... is funny. It's about a man who's having a horrible day. It's kind of average though.
  8. The Bed's Too Big Without You - And here's another good one. I don't know why this one isn't on their greatest hits album. I guess it's because it wasn't a hit song. It's still a pretty good one though. It and a few other songs on the album put the "Regga-" in Reggatta de Blanc.
  9. Contact - This is kind of another average song. I do like the lyrics. They're kinda cool.
  10. Does Everyone Stare - Hey, a song about this guy! Anyway, it's an okay song. I do like the lyrics though.
  11. No Time This Time - The album ends with another fast one and it's a pretty good song. It's kind of hard to hear what's being said at times. Basically, the song's talking about not having time to do anything. It's upbeat, it's got nice drumming, and it has a pretty nice guitar solo. It's a nice end to a pretty good album.
And that ends the Police's second album. Is it a good album? I can definitely say "YES" to that... or I could yell it. Either way works. I like all of the songs on here. Even the average ones are worth listening to. This is definitely a good album to listen to on the road. Each song has a some sort of distinctive feel to them. Is this their best album? It might be, I'm not so sure about that. While I do think it's better than their first album and maybe their third album (next time, folks), I'm not sure about their last two albums. I'll just have to see when I go through them all.

Favorite Song - Crap... this is a tough one. I guess I'll just go with "Message in a Bottle." It's definitely their best song off of this album and it has some awesome lyrics and great music.

Weirdest Song - This is another hard one because their aren't really any really weird ones on here. If I had to pick one, I'd pick "On Any Other Day." That guy's day just sucked.

Well, I'm done with the "white reggae 'mon!" I definitely recommend this album to everyone out there. Get it or download it, I don't care which. Next time, we enter the 80's and get a little weirder with Zenyatta Mondatta... Excuse me while I go to Google Translate. 

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