Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Movie Talk - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Well, here it is. It's the only mutant-related movie that I didn't go over last year. The obvious reason is because it's a Wolverine movie, but there was another reason: I never saw it. The closest I ever saw this movie prior to last Saturday was a review by Film Brain on That Guy With The Glasses. Now that I have finally seen this film, I think it's time to really judge it. This film is about Wolverine's origins. It showed how he got the adamantium, his relationship with Stryker and Sabertooth, and a crapload of crap as well.

Likes (yes, there are a couple of things I liked about it)
Victor: You know we're the only good things in this thing?
Logan: Yep.
  • Hugh Jackman - Hugh Jackman once again shines as the character. He is Wolverine. I highly doubt that anyone could play the character as well as he as played over the last five movies. We get to see a bit more here of the character. We see him in love, wanting revenge, and sporting a different (but good) hairstyle.
  • Liev Schriber - Liev (I can't spell the man's last name) was an awesome Sabertooth. He was definitely better than the Tyler Mane version from the first movie. He was brutal, psychotic, and funny at times. While the Sabertooth from the 90's series is the definitive Sabertooth to me, this version for the movie was definitely a highlight for me. I even like the fact that they made Victor and Logan (or James) brothers here. It was always unclear on what their relationship was and even though they aren't related in the comics, it still works here.
  • Opening sequence - The opening sequence with Victor and James literally running through time and fighting in wars was pretty cool.
  • Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool - I'll admit this. While I'm not a fan of the character, Deadpool was pretty cool... when he was onscreen for those three minutes.
  • Decent action - If anything, this is an okay action film. There are a lot of fights and some of them are okay... well, that's that! 
Well, you know it was coming. Instead of griping on the stuff that they ignored from the comics, I'll gripe on how this may be more worse than X-Men 3...yeah, I said it.
Run! It's...Baraka-Pool!!!
  • Horrible effects - The effects were pretty bad. The worst effects here were with the claws. They just looked so freakin' fake! I actually had to look up the stuff from previous movies to see how the claws were done. They were even better in X-Men 3, which had some good effects. The claws aren't the only problem. A lot of effects were done poor here. Also, someone thought Cyclops shot out heat vision from his eyes. Apparently, they didn't watch the last three movies.
  • Too many characters - Just like X-Men 3, this movie is littered with characters. What's worse here is that they really don't amount to much. They either die off quick or are not even doing stuff that related to the story. Also, what is Gambit doing here? It was nice to see him, but you're 20 years early!  
  • Story's a little too much and a little inconsistent - Just like with the last movie, they tried fitting way too much in this thing. Government conspiracies, imprisioned mutants, Blob, and a boring love interest were some issues.  Really all they needed to do was to concentrate on the Team X aspect, Victor and Logan's relationship, and Stryker's and Logan's relationship. That's all. Also, the adamantium bonding scene ended too quick and was inconsistent with what we've seen in the other movies. It's also unclear when the majority of this movie takes place. Is it the 70's? the 80's?
  • Adamantium bullet to the head - What the ***********************************(you can put whatever you want in those stars)??!?!?! Having him lose his memory this way was baaaaadddddd. When I saw it coming, I was like "Really? Really?"
In closing....this was a bad X-Men film, and a horrible Wolverine film. It had good stuff, I'll give it that. Unfortunately, the bad completely outweighs the good here. While X-Men 3 is down there with it, at least that movie has good action and the cameos make sense (well, some of them anyway). Here's hoping that The Wolverine is way better than this.

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