Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random Thoughts #20

Wow...this segment has been coming monthly for a long time...That's certainly better than most comic book series (Yes, I'm looking at you All-Star Batman!!!). Well, I'm in a hotel listening to some relatives talk about politics...I think it's time for a couple of random thoughts.

Grad School
Well, it's done. The paper topped out at about 3,700 words, 28 references, and three more gray hairs. Now, I'm in proofread mode. I gotta turn it in by tomorrow night, but I may turn it in tomorrow morning. instead. Here I am hoping and praying for at least a decent grade. After that, I have a group project and books to read.

....No comment.

"And now, a taste of things to come."
Yeah, I'm quoting Mortal Kombat. Well, it's time for something different and new. I don't know what yet, but it'll be something good. It could be something scifi. It could be music-related. It may even involve another group of mutants. The only difference about these guys is that they live in a sewer.

Well, I'm out. Peace and God Bless...and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

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