Thursday, September 6, 2012

Best Superman Fights

For this post, I'll be going over my favorite Superman fights. Like last year's post, it doesn't matter which medium they're in. Movies, TV, comics, you name it.

10. Superman vs. Draaga (Superman: Exile)
I'm not talking about the fight from Justice League, I'm talking about the fight from the "Exile" storyline. We see Superman being forced to participate in Mongul's gladiator matches. The last combatant is Draaga, the current champion. It's an even fight and Superman gives in to his inner "Conan" to kick some butt.
One wonders if he will pillage villages and laminate women after this incident. 

9.  Clark vs Jason Trask (Lois and Clark: The new Adventures of Superman)
It's not every day that we see Clark Kent open up a can of "Whoop-A$$" on a government official. This fight is from Season One. The basic premise is that these Men in Black types steal Clark's ship and figure out his identity. What worse is that Kryptonite is found and that robs Clark of his abilities temporarily. Throw Lois, Ma, and Pa into the mix and you have a pretty good story with a pretty good ending fight (for Sunday TV that is).

8. Superman and Superman  vs. Superboy-Prime (Infinite Crisis)
Yes, this is the one where Superman beats the crap out of a sixteen-year old. Remember that the sixteen-year old killed a lotta folk. Our Superman is helped out by the Superman of Earth-2 aka Kal-L. I remember listing this fight as a high moment from Infinite Crisis.

7.  Superman vs. Zod, Non, and Ursa  (Superman 2)
Oh yeah! The fight officially begins when when Superman, repowered by "Plot Hole", comes back to Metropolis to face the three villains. After realizing that fighting these guys in a city was not smart, Supes moves the fight to the Fortress of Solitude where he uses some tricks and treats to defeat and possibly KILL the Kryptonian villains. I hope he put a net down there or something.

6. The Blur vs. Clone-Zod (Smallville Season 9)
We finally have the fight between Clark and Zod for this show (well, another one). The fight itself is unfortunately short, but its better than Season 8's finale involving Doomsday. Not only does Clark do his "Awesome Punch" here, he also gets to punk Zod twice. Take that, military dictator!

5. Superman vs Captain Marvel
This fight was pretty epic. Unfortunately, Superman does come off douchey here. Yeah, it was an elaborate plan by Lex, but Superman fell for it pretty easily. Jumping on poor Captain Marvel...How dare he do that? The fight was still epic though. This is one reason why I want to see Kingdom Come done one of these days.

4. Clark Kent vs. EVIL Superman
Yeah, I put this over the fight from Superman 2. Why? Simple: it's Superman vs. Superman! I will say that the fight does get a little goofy (Tires?), but we get to see Chris Reeve be pretty evil here. The fight is made all the more epic at the end when Clark wins and the John Williams music starts to play.

Click for Part 3.
Click for Part 4.

3. Clark vs. Titan (Smallville Season 6)
This was probably the biggest and best fight on the show. It trumps every fight before it  and unfortunately after it. It's just a brawl between Clark and an escaped Phantom Zone villain, and it is an epic brawl. It's really the first time we see this Clark really go the distance with an opponent with the same power set. It's bloody, it's dark, and it's got the "Awesome Punch."

2. Superman vs. Doomsday
This is pretty much the fight that influenced my #3 pick. Superman has fought Doomsday in all of the mediums, but it's the comic that did it well. Yeah, Superman pretty much uses his brawn to defeat Doomsday. They just about level Metropolis. What makes this fight with Doomsday stand out is that Superman doesn't make it out alive. I do admit that I feel a little sad when reading those last few pages of the "Death" storyline.

1. Superman vs. Darkseid
Everyone remembers "The Punch" from the last episode of JLU. Every fight between Superman and Darkseid in the DCAU (as well as Superman/Batman: Apocalypse) is pretty epic. For this post, this is the fight from the two-parter Twilight. It's the first fight since Darkseid "humiliated" Superman way back when in the S: TAS two-parter "Legacy." After Darkseid beats up his Orion...Dang, Superman and Darkseid go at it for possibly the last time.

Honorable Mention:
Superman vs Muhammad Ali - I've never read this story, but come one! It's the greatest boxer of all time going against the greatest superhero of all time!

Dishonorable Mention:
Superman vs a Kryptonian Island
While it is a somewhat cool scene, it's kind of a boring way to end a movie, especially a movie with not a lot of action. Add the fact that Superman can get taken out by a small chunk of K-Rock pretty easily but somehow he can last against an island. 

So this is what Jesus meant when he told us to tell the mountain to "be removed, and be cast into the sea"...or in this case, SPACE. 

Well, I'm out. I got surgery tomorrow, so my time may be going to other things for a while. The match-up of the origins will continue though. With all of that said, I'll be back. Peace and God Bless. 

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