Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Thoughts #9

Well, it's three days before Christmas, I need to get some more presents,  and I guess it's time for some random thoughts as well.

It's coming, it's coming.....
Man, it's been a while since I have talked about some comics. Right now, I think I just needed a longer break that usual. I'm out of school for now and while it's really time for me to talk about them, I just don't have the will right now. I've just been reading something called 52 and playing Assassin's Creed (that level involving Robert and his knights is ticking me off though). I will be back with something soon though, and it's related to this pic here:

Is it wrong for me to laugh at this part?

After that, I have something planned for the month of January. What is it? Well, these few quotes should give you a few hints:
  • "What do they call you? Wheels?"
  • " I am the rocks of the eternal shore. Crash against me and be broken! "
  • "-----, mistress of the elements, commands you to release that child!"
  • "Assassin!"
  • "No one can control the power of Phoenix!"
  • "All right, you egg-suckin' piece of gutter trash! You always did like pushin' around people smaller than you! Well I'm smaller! Try pushin' me! "
  • " What did you expect? Yellow spandex?"
  • "Lady, you picked the wrong girl to adopt! "
  • " It's only that you realize, while you were talking about organizing and committees, the extermination has already begun. Make no mistake, my brothers. They will draw first blood. They will force their cure upon us. The only question is, will my brotherhood and fight, or wait for the inevitable genocide? Who will you stand with - the humans... or us?
  • "My parents didn't have a name. It was taken from them... by pig farmers... and tailors. "
  • " I can't fight it! Not every second of every day, never slipping, not even for an instant, Scott, please!"
And I guess this pretty much spoils the surprise:

Beast: Magneto, I presume?
Magneto: What are you waiting for?
Beast: My day in court actually.

Yep, it's X-Men Month!

I just wanted to put this here. No reason this time, I think anyway.

What else...
I got all A's!!! Yay!!!


I guess that's all I have for today. I want to wish ya'll out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. What will 2012 bring? Only God knows...and if you're offended by the words "Merry Christmas," I'll send you lump of coal or something. Peace.

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