Friday, May 13, 2011

Smallville, R.I.P.

Young Clark: Woah! Who Dressed you?
Older Clark: My wife.
YC: What? Lana has more style than--
OC: ....Nope, not her.
YC: Alicia--
OC: ...Dude she died in our arms, man!
YC: Okay, sorry. It's Lois, isn't it?
OC: Yep.
YC: Figures.

Well, it’s finally here: the end of Smallville……Yes, Smallville. You know that show on the CW that showcases a young Clark Kent becoming the Man of Steel. Yep, that one. I have to admit it took a while (a long while), and while I’m happy it’s over, I’m also a little sad. I started watching this show since the beginning (2001) and was hooked when I watched the pilot. They showed the pilot and another episode on a Sunday, and I missed it on it’s normal day Tuesday because of band practice. I stuck with the show, and yes, even through the dark years (the years where the folk had no idea what to do with Lana…just joking …sorta….Just watch Power and Requiem for that @#@$...yes, those episodes get symbols from me). This is probably the only show that me and my sister Marion can watch together. The show had its high moments (seasons 1-3, 5, 6, 9, and some of this season) and its low moments (Lana as I said before in those later seasons, Clark being whiny, and a few other stuff).

When I think about it, there aren’t many shows that I stick with this long. Hmm…let’s see what shows I stuck through with: Stargate Sg-1 (Sorta), Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (the new one), Avatar (sorta, I haven’t seen some of the last season), Boy Meets World, and there are probably others but I can’t think of them. That’s a real short list.

Now, it’s looks like I’m missing the finale tonight (UPS!!!!! Errr…) but I will be seeing it somehow later. Well, it looks like I will leave you with my 10 favorite episodes of the series (I grouped some of them because a couple of reasons):

  • Pilot/Metamorphosis - This is what hooked me to the show.
  • Absolute Justice/Legion/ Booster – All of the episodes written by Geoff Johns (You might have heard of him on this blog somewhere…)
  • Exile/Phoenix – Clark on red kryptonite + Metropolis = Awesome
  • Salvation - Clark vs. Zod, plus a lot of other goodness
  • Rosetta/Legacy - The episodes with Chris Reeve, good ones.
  • Onyx - We see the EVIL side of Lex
  • Homecoming - 200th episode and where the pic from above comes from
  • Finale- Well, one can hope that this is a good last episode.
  • Reckoning - 100th episode where...something happens
  • Justice - all of the heroes featured in past seasons show up in a good episode.

Well time to find something else to look at on TV.

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