Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Random Pics of the Month - Six Things about Admiral Will Adama

I haven't did one of these in a while. Yeah, I know it's Star Wars Day, but it's kind of relevant. So, here are seven things about Battlestar Galactica's Adama. Yeah, I'll throw the original in as well.

Old-School Adama had one nice cape.

Will Adama ain't afraid to get down and fight alongside his people.

Will Adama  probably wonders how the heck he and Tigh ever got so tight. I wonder that as well!

Will Adama is an okay father figure. He's not too bad though.

Will Adama's art career didn't take off like it could have.

Will Adama has fine taste in women and one slammin' mustache. Who knew Castillo would return?

Finally, Will Adama would make a fine President. So say we all!

Well, that's all I have for today. Peace, God Bless, and may the Fourth be with you.

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