Monday, November 30, 2015

Bat-Homage? Bat-Knockoff? Bat-Analogue? Bat-Similarities? Ah, Screw It!

What’s up, Internet? Since the year is coming to an end, I’ve decided to try something a bit different for December. Back in September, I did something different for Superman Month. Instead of just looking at Superman, I looked at the different analogues/homages/ripoffs that were based off of Superman’s world and status. I had fun with it and wondered what other character I could do this with. Suddenly, a Bat Signal went off in my head and I started to look for the many characters that are analogues to Batman.
A bit over-exaggerated in my research. I also think this gif perfectly works when you see something messed up on the Internet.

I had the inverse for what I had with Superman. It got harder when I got to looking. It was pretty easy with Superman. If the guy could fly, have a cape, and stand for Truth and Justice, he fit the role. With Batman, it was a little different. They are out there, but they aren’t as easy to find. Ultimately, I decided to include characters that may not be direct analogues but have enough similarities to Batman. I also have a couple of surprises toward the end. Who are they? Only The Shad… uh, I mean, only I know!

Since I want to look at different characters across the medium, I won’t be including a lot of Batman’s supporting cast here. While they are the first to look at when looking for characters like Batman, I want to look at other characters this time. I may look at one story that features ones like Nightwing, Robin, and others but I’m not sure yet. So, stay tuned. Peace, God Bless, and be careful out there.

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