Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Random Pics of the Month - Favorite Alternate Superman Costumes

I really haven't done this in a minute. While there have been changes to Superman's iconic costume over the years, he's been in a lot of different costumes as well. Today, I'll list (in no particular order) my 10 favorite alternate costumes from the different media. I'm not putting the Man of Steel and New 52 suits on here primarily because those are Superman's main costumes for now. By the way, I do like them both. I also wanted to include variations that you don't normally see Superman wear.

1. New 52 'First Costume' 
While I'm not including the armor on here, I did want to include this one. In the New 52, Clark didn't have Ma Kent to help make his suit, so he had to make due with what he had. For a young, inexperienced Superman, this wasn't a bad start at all. He even had different colored shirts and that was pretty funny.

2. Justice Lord Superman
In the Justice League episode "A Better World", we saw an alternate universe where the League basically declared martial law on the world. Superman adopted a new suit and it was pretty cool. It definitely fit his new outlook on life. He and the rest may had been the bad guys, but you have to admit that they looked good.

3. Kingdom Come Superman
In the story, Kingdom Come, Superman returns from a decade-long exile in order to help shape the world. Instead of sporting his classic suit, he sports a darker suit with a stylized 'S'.  He turned his back on humanity and his suit kind of fits this darker world. It's a cool look overall.

4. Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey Battle Suit
In this story, Superman realizes that Doomsday may still be out in space alive, so he gets a Mother Box and heads out there. During the battle that also involves The Cyborg-Superman and Darkseid (!!!), his suit gets damaged. Mother Box makes him a new battle suit in order to fight Doomsday. While the suit does reek of the 90's, I like it. He only wore it this one time and that stuff came in handy. Heck, considering Doomsday did kill him before, wearing some armor is a smart move. I do wonder hat that yellow thing on his crotch does though.

5. Kryptonian Recovery Suit
When Superman came back from the dead, he needed something to wear into battle. He was pretty underpowered, so he got this piece of goodness. I think I my first comic owned had Superman in this suit, so I've always like this suit. They even had a variation of it on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

6. Smallville "Blur" Suits

Now, this is a bit of a cheat. In Season 9, Clark finally got a suit. Yes, it looks like he ripped off Neo from the Matrix, but I liked it. It may had looked a little cheap, but it fit him for that season. He finally started to train with Jor-El in the Fortress and adopted a costume that has a Kryptonian feel to it. At least he wore it more than the cool jacket he wore in Season 10. There, he finally put some stuff to rest and started wearing colors again. While they weren't the iconic costume, at least they were something. In fact, they'd be all we got since Tom Welling never wore the iconic suit. At least there's the comic series, Smallville: Season 11.

7. Electric Superman
You know this was coming. In the mid-90's, the folk behind Superman decided to change his look and give him new energy-based powers. While I haven't read all of those stories, it wasn't a bad look. I actually thought he was used well in JLA where actually moved the moon and fought a big angel. When they got to the Red/Blue phase, I can't explain that.

8. The Krypton Man
In the arc, "Day of The Krypton Man," Superman ends up with a new suit that is close to his Kryptonian roots. What's actually happening is that the Eradicator (a Kryptonian device) is making Superman shed his human side and be more Kryptonian. It even transformed his traditional suit into this new one. If you remember the post-Crisis Kryptonians, they were pretty cold and unlikable. Everyone noticed the change in Clark's attitude. I might even cover this story someday myself.

9. 'Godfall' Superman
Next up is the Godfall costume. He sports this suit in the story-arc, "Godfall." Apparently, he gets transported to Kandor (a different one from what we know) and loses his memory. Now, I've never read this story, but I am intrigued by that suit. That suit can be used in Injustice: Gods Among Us. I'll have to read this story someday.

10. Superman Beyond
Finally, this is the costume from the Batman Beyond animated series and comics series. In the future, Superman ended up adopting a new costume. I liked it but it's not the best. It has little color to it. Still, I liked the stylized 'S' and it does fit an older Superman well.

Well, that's my list. If you have any favorite alternate costumes, let me know. Tomorrow, I'll be back with another homage/analogue.

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