Thursday, July 2, 2015

Music Retropspective: Michael Jackson - Conclusion

Well, it’s been a while, but it’s finally time to end this. Here are my top 30 songs by Michael Jackson. I knew I couldn’t stop at ten or twenty, so I have to go all out for this. Now, if you’re wondering why songs like “ABC” and “I Want You Back” aren’t here, there’s a simple reason for that. I’m only including solo or duet songs here. Including Jackson 5 songs would make this list even tougher to do and I don’t want to do that to myself. Besides, I do have a little something for the family on down the line.

It’s weird that I started to work on this around the anniversary of Jackson’s death. I actually remember where I was when I heard the news. I was taking my sister home in my old Toyota Camry when my mom called her. We then turned on the radio and heard the unfortunate news. I guess I was discouraged about it. I never knew the guy, but I always liked the music. My sister got some memorabilia afterwards. I’d say she’s the bigger fan, but she didn’t devote some of a blog to talking about his albums.

Before I get there, I might as well talk about my favorite Jackson album. It’s kind of tough to say, but I’ll have to go with the obvious: Thriller. It was what made me a fan of Michael Jackson. While some of his later albums are probably better on a technical level, I just love this album. All of the songs are pretty good even if a couple of are a bit forgettable. Bad would easily be my second favorite album. After that, I’d actually have to think about it. By the way, these are my favorites, so don’t be shocked if you don’t see some popular ones on here. I’ll say a little something about the songs but if you want a more in-depth description, just look at my retrospectives.

30. The Girl is Mine (Thriller) – This Michael/Paul McCarthy duet gets the last spot for its nice music, good lyrics, and hilarious ending.
29. Dirty Diana (Bad) – I liked the darker edge to the song and the wailing on the guitar was cool.
28. I Wanna Be Where You Are (Got To Be There) – Since this song came from Michael’s actual first album, I’m including it here. It’s one of the only songs from those early albums that I really like. It’s  a good song with good lyrics and a nice beat.
27. I Can’t Help It (Off The Wall) – This song about a man talking about his woman is a  nice surprise from this album.
26. PYT (Demo Version) – So, why is a demo on the list? I actually like it better than the final version and I really like the music to it. Unfortunately, I can't find a good version of it online. 
25. The Lady In My Life (Thriller) – It’s the “Wedding Day/Night Song.” It’s slow and pretty cool.
24. Can’t Let Her Get Away (Dangerous) – It’s one of the better songs on Dangerous and I like the music and lyrics.
23. Workin’ Day And Night (Off The Wall) – I like the fast pace and the awesome horns blowing. The lyrics are pretty cool too.
22. Heartbreaker (Invincible) –While it’s not really memorable, it’s a good one. I especially like the music to this one.
21. Stranger In Moscow (HIStory) – This was a nice slow song about depression and feeling alone.
20. Scream (HIStory) – This was a pretty cool duet between brother and sister. I like the message and I like the lyrics. The video was pretty cool too.
19. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough (Off the Wall) – Even though I can’t understand what Jackson is saying at times, the music is pretty awesome.
18. Thriller (Thriller) – Yes, “Thriller” is at this spot. While it has an awesome music video, the song itself just feels a little empty. Still, I can do the dance to it!
17. Blue Gangsta (Original Version) – I’m talking about the original cut, not the remixed version with many electric snares. It’s a song that should have been on a pre-Death album because it’s moody, it’s got a cool horn section, and it’s got a tight beat.
16. Man In The Mirror (Bad) – While I like the message and the song, it’s not one of my top favorites. Still, if there’s a moment where I need to throw on something inspirational, this is the song to use.
15. Wanna be Startin’ Something (Thriller) – I’ve always liked the music to this one. The lyrics are also cool and kind of funny.
14. The Way You Make Me Feel (Bad) – I’ve always liked the song and the video to this song.
13. You Rock My World (Invincible) – This somewhat current (2001) song is a smooth, soulful song.
12. Tabloid Junkie (HIStory) – This is probably the ultimate “I hate the media” song. While I can’t understand everything he’s saying, the music, the chorus, and the decipherable lyrics are cool.
11. Is It Scary? (Blood On The Dance Floor) – While this has a “Thriller” feel to it, there’s actually meaning to this song. I also like the music to it as well.
10. Billie Jean (Thriller) – Here, we got Jackson singing about some crazed woman who might have his baby. I like the music, the lyrics, and the video to it.
9. Remember The Time (Dangerous) – Even though it’s not as high as others, I’ve always liked this song.
8. Cry (Invincible) – Yeah, I Iike this song a little more than “Man In The Mirror.” It has a message that’s as important as most of his songs.
7. Smooth Criminal (Bad) – While the song’s message and lyrics are weird (Annie are you Wookie?), the music is awesome and the lyrics are memorable.
6. Get On The Floor (Off The Wall) – While this is a simple dance song, it’s an awesome dance song. I love the music especially the bass playing.
5. They Don’t Care About Us (HIStory) – This awesome song has great music and a still relevant message.
4. Bad (Bad) – The music is bad. The lyrics are bad. The overall song is bad… in the coolest way possible.
3. Who Is it? (Dangerous) – I like everything about this song from its moody lyrics to its great music.
2. Beat It (Thriller) – I have no words… okay, maybe a couple. It’s one of the best songs Jackson ever done.
1. Rock With You (Off The Wall) – I don’t need to say why it’s my favorite. Just listen to it and see for yourself.

Well, I can finally end this retrospective. Will any other artists or music groups show up on here like this? I actually don’t know. I only follow a few artists or groups. If I’m feeling up for it and have an artist or group to do this with, I’ll do it again. For now, I may just stick with favorite songs from an artist. As for what’s next, I think it’s time to look at those “merry” mutants again. Until then, Peace and God Bless. Also, if I don't post anything before the 4th, Happy Independence Day aka "Happy Saturday for the non-Americans."

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