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Crisis Time! - Final Crisis #3

Greetings and salutations. I only have one issue for today: #3 of Final Crisis. I don’t have any tie-ins for this segment. The creative team is still the same for the issue. The covers to issue three do look a little weird. What is Supergirl doing? Is she shocked, is she trying to sensualize herself to the audience, is she hungry, or is she trying to strike a weird pose? I don’t get it. The variant is not as weird but a little spoiler-ish. I actually prefer the variant this time around.  That’s all I got to say, so let’s get to it.

Final Crisis #3
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: J.G. Jones
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Rob Leigh

"Know Evil"
We start out in Gotham City. An organization called SHADE busts into the Dark Side Club. Frankenstein (I’m not kidding) and SHADE operatives find the Question (Renee Montoya) over the mummified remains of Boss Dark Side. After a little banter, the Question escapes the building and changes back into her civilian clothes. As SHADE investigates the remains, they mention that Bludhaven is getting worse. Suddenly, something falls out of the sky. Renee is one of the first to find a blond woman wearing some sort of military garb at the center of the crater. She’s also speaking German. Before Renee can do anything else, SHADE operatives find her and take her away. Elsewhere, Nix Uotan gets fired from his job for being nuts. On the street feeling dejected, he sees a news report about Metron’s symbol. Unbeknownst to him, a Monitor watches him from across the street.
Frankenstein (The Monster) is a character in the DC Universe. Figures.

We then catch back up with Jay Garrick. He’s at Linda West’s (Wally’s wife) house along with her kids, Joan Garrick (his wife), and Iris Allen (Barry’s wife). He recounts his story about what happened. Wally and Jay ran into the portal where Barry and the Black Racer were. Barry tried to chase down the bullet that killed Orion, but he couldn’t stop it. We see Orion get hit and the scene of Turpin finding the New God at the beginning of the event. The Black Racer then sets his sights on Barry on the account that he’s “dead.” Wally chases after Barry, but Jay’s knee gives out and he has to stop. After Jay tells the wives that Barry is still out there, Iris is overjoyed.
It's alright, Barry, I'd be running from a black guy on skis too,

We then move to the Legion of Doom headquarters which is now Libra’s new hideout. Libra gives Human Flame new equipment as well as a helmet. When Human Flame puts on the helmet, it chants the Anti-Life Equation and makes him a slave to Libra’s master. Suddenly Lex shows up with some bodyguards. Lex is impressed by Libra’s takedown of Superman but he’s here to make sure that Libra doesn’t threaten him. Libra surprises Lex with guards of his own and they’re wearing the same type of helmet that Human Flame is wearing. Libra gives Lex an ultimatum: either give up his free will and serve Libra’s master of evil or get a helmet forced on his bald head.

At Metropolis Hospital, Clark and Jimmy watch over Lois. Lois was badly injured and has some shrapnel close to her heart. Clark blames himself for not being fast enough and is using his heat vision to somehow help Lois. After Jimmy leaves, the Monitor from earlier enters the room. It’s eventually revealed to be Zillo Valla. She knows that Clark is Superman and tells him that Lois can be saved if he comes with her.

At the Hall of Justice, the Alpha Lanterns put Hal in chains. He’s being arrested for killing Orion and attacking John. Even though there is no evidence to corroborate this, Kraken (still possessed by Granny Goodness) pushes the issue. There’s also the fact that Hal can’t remember where he was during those events. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Allan Scott, and Black Lightning protest but to no avail. They leave with Hal. With Superman, Batman, and both Earth-based Green Lanterns sidelined, the others decide on what to do next. Since the threat of the evil gods is still out there, Alan Scott informs Wonder Woman of an old superhero drafting method called Article X. They, along with Oracle, use this to gather up all of the heroes into one place.
I know this is supposed to be cool and all, but all I can think about is how weird some of the coloring is.

In Japan, Shilo and Sonny Sumo head to Shilo’s plane. As they talk, the plane blows up and they get attacked by men where the same masks Human Flame was wearing. The two face their attackers when the Super Young Team shows up in their pretty cool car. They wanted an autograph and it looks like they’ll be getting more than that. The two men jump into the car and the car turns into a hover vehicle and flies away from the madness.

Wonder Woman shows up in Bludhaven to get to the bottom of it all. She’s accompanied by the Atomic Knights, another creation from Jack Kirby. When they find the remains of a dead SHADE agent, they are attacked by a corrupted hero who seen better days: Mary Marvel. She tears through the Knights and Diana. She reveals to Wonder Woman what we already know: The New Gods of Apokalips have been hiding in human bodies and are ready to start their take. Mary Marvel then infects Wonder Woman with the Anti-Life Equation which will be used to infect other heroes.
Oh man... Mary, what happened?

At Command D, Mokkari sends out an email that contains the Anti-Life Equation in order to enslave the world. Oracle and Mr. Terrific are the first to see it going through the Internet like a virus. Oracle does her best to stop it when everything suddenly goes dark. Later, Barry and Wally come out of the portal in Central City. They notice that a few weeks have passed since they took their trip in the time stream. While Wally is glad to see his uncle back, Barry wonders what has happened. It’s gotten eerie and the skies are red. The issue ends as a possessed Wonder Woman and three other people who look like Batwoman, Catwoman and Giganta confront them ready to kill.
So, the Internet destroys civilization? Figures.


As usual, this was a nice issue. This is what the last two issues have been building up to. It’s definitely more action-oriented than what we’ve had before. It’s also where we finally get the heroes assembled for what will be happening. It’s looking bleak with weird stuff happening. You got the skies turning red, white people falling out the sky, and Mary Marvel in the latest dominatrix outfit. That should tell you it’s getting pretty dark. We also get confirmation on what the New Gods of Apokalips are doing. Even though we’ve seen things beforehand, we finally get confirmation on what’s happening. It’s really beginning to feel like a Crisis event.

We also got Barry Allen back. It’s not clear on how he’s back, but these are comics after all. While the ending is pretty dark and foreboding, it seems like there’s a little hope now that we have a dead man running around. I also liked seeing other heroes like Captain Marvel (Freddy at this time) and Supergirl get a little spotlight in this overcrowded event. It also looks like Superman is going to be doing something with a Monitor. You’ll find out more about that next time.

The artwork is good for the most part. The action is pretty nice and not confusing at all. I especially liked Jones’s Wonder Woman. She was one-part princess and one-part warrior. Even though I like the art here, there was something off with the coloring. It’s like people’s faces were on “bright mode” or something. The page where the heroes are gathered is one example. Another example would be the scene where Jay is telling the wives about Barry. It was just pretty jarring. Another thing to throw in the dislike section is Mary Marvel’s costume though that might had been the point.

Overall, this was a good read. Now, it has gotten serious. What will the Earth look like with the hoards of Darksied in charge? Find out some other time because we’re going on an adventure with the Man of Steel in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond … in 3D! (Echoes)


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