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Favorites - Top 10 Sixth Power Rangers

Since I’m not doing much this month, I think it’s time to look at the Power Rangers once more. “Oh Yeah, boy,” or whatever those youngsters are saying today. The show has usually started out with three to five people getting summoned by someone good to keep the world safe from evil of all kinds. After some episodes, we get a new Ranger: The Sixth Ranger (or fifth considering the makeup of the team). They’re usually introduced and then turned “Evil” for a few episodes. They also tend to beat the everliving crap out of the team. Eventually, they're made good and join the team in the end. I know it was like that for some of them. They also ended up getting some cool Zords.

So, here are my top 10 Sixth Rangers. I stuck with 10 simply because those are the only seasons I’ve really watched and know of. Yeah, I’m a horrible fan, ain’t I? If you’re wondering why I’m not putting any from more recent seasons, I can answer that. I really haven’t watched any of them. I’ve only seen one or two episodes of those respective seasons.  I did watch RPM all the way through but the sixth (and seventh) Ranger on there were actually pretty annoying. I’ve thought about looking at Samurai and Megaforce on Netflix but I haven’t yet. So, let’s start this list off with a bit of a weird one.

10. Phantom Ranger (Turbo)
This one’s a little weird. The Phantom Ranger came to Earth in order to help the Rangers stop Divatox… yeah, that’s her name. I think Zordon was the one who sent him, I don’t remember. While he didn’t have a Zord, he brought a new Megazord and another big Zord as well. I remember him only being around for a few episodes before he left and the Pink Ranger had a crush on him. We still don’t know what was under that helmet. His identity was never revealed in any of the seasons. At least he looked cool in that suit and had a nice, heroic attitude.

9. Trey of Triforia and Jason as the Gold Ranger (Zeo)
When the Machine Empire started to attack Earth, Trey of Triforia came to Earth in order to help out the Rangers. His identity was secret for a while and the other Rangers thought Billy (who had no powers anymore) was him. Trey eventually revealed himself to them (and us). After an accident caused him to lose his powers, the powers had to be given to someone else. Billy almost became the Gold Ranger but couldn’t because of reasons. Jason, the original Red Ranger, returned to be the Gold Ranger until Trey was healed. The Gold Ranger had a pretty cool Zord as well. His look and weapon (the Golden Staff) were pretty cool. I don’t remember much about Trey, but Jason was cool as always.

8. Trent as the White Ranger (Dino Thunder)
Trent was the son of  Anton Mercer who was also Mesogog, the main villain of the series. Trent became the White Ranger when he accidentally found the White Morpher. It created a split personality and the evil side attacked the Rangers and helped out the villains. I don’t remember how it was resolved but he eventually came to the good side. The suit and his Zords were pretty cool. It was also cool to see Trent deal with the fact his father was also the villain.

7. Zhane as the Silver Ranger (In Space)
Zhane was a good friend of Andros, the Red Ranger. When Zhane was fatally injured in battle, Andros put him in cryonic freezing to heal his wounds. Eventually, Zhane woke up and joined the team. I remember as being a bit of a jokester which was nice. The team itself was cool but he added a little something to it. I think he even had a crush on Astronoma, the main villain. He had his own weapons and his own Zord which also served as a spaceship.

6. Ryan as the Titanium Ranger (Lightspeed Rescue)
the Titanium Ranger was actually the first and only American-made Ranger for the show. He was also the first “evil-made-good” Ranger we got since the early years and that was pretty cool. Ryan was the long lost son of Captain Mitchell, the Rangers leader. The Demons (the villains of the season) had taken him as a young child and raised him to hate his father. As an adult, he stole the experimental Titanium Morpher and fought the Rangers. It took a while but he eventually became one of the good guys. His Zord was pretty cool and that suit was pretty awesome. The character also had a pretty cool story arc for the season since it was pretty different with what came before.

5. Cam Watanabe as the Green Ranger (Ninja Storm)
Cam was the son of Sensei Watanabe, the Rangers’ leader and a man who was transformed into a gerbil. This show gets weird at times. Cam was around from the beginning providing ground support for the Rangers and even creating some of the Zords. He was kind of a douche to the Wind Rangers since they started out as slackers but he did warm up to them over time. He actually got his powers when he was transported back into time to find an amulet. He also inadvertedly created the main villain of the series, Lothor, who’s also his uncle. He had a cool Zord, a cool suit, and a nice attitude.

4. Merrick as the Lunar Wolf Ranger (Wild Force)
Merrick was an ancient Ranger gone bad. Long ago, he tried on an evil mask to help fight the Master Org but he transformed into Zen-Aku, a Duke Org. In the present day, Zen-Aku fought the Rangers until the mask was taken off and Merrick reappeared. Merrick was a bit of a lone wolf (pun intended) and he apparently had a thing with Princess Shayla, the Ranger’s boss. He also had control of three smaller Zords that turned into a giant-sized Megazord. The whole arc involving Merrick was pretty cool and I liked the character. He gave some coolness to a team that definitely lacked coolness.

3. Mike as The Magna Defender (Lost Galaxy)
The Magna Defender’s story is also a weird one, but let’s start with Mike. Mike was originally supposed to be the Red Galaxy Ranger until he supposedly fell to his death in the second episode. The Magna Defender was actually a warrior who wanted revenge against Scorpius (the main villain) for the death of his son. He also quarreled with the Rangers a couple of times over some hidden power (The Lights of Orion). He wasn’t an all-out bad guy, he just had his own interests. It’s revealed that the Defender is basically using Mike’s body to power himself.

When the Defender sacrifices his life for the Rangers, Mike is basically brought back to the land of the living. Later on, Mike actually gains the powers of the Magna Defender. Mike himself was okay in the “big brother” sort of way, but the Magna Defender himself was pretty cool. I don’t think I remember any good guys wanting revenge on the show at this time. The Defender also had a cool look, a cool weapon, and a cool Zord.

2. Eric Myers as the Quantum Ranger (Time Force)
Then, we get to Eric from Time Force. He knew Wes (the Red Ranger) and was jealous of him. He was also a part of the Silver Guardians, a group that also protected the city from the Mutants. Through a series of fortunate events, he found the Quantum Morpher and became the Quantum Ranger. He also remained a bit of a douche and I like him for it. After a while, he found his Zord (The Quantasarus Rex!!) and he even had his own battle armor. He also didn’t like the Rangers that much and stuck with the Silver Guardians.

If there was one person Zordon wouldn’t give a Morpher, it would have been Eric. As I said, he as a jealous, selfish, douche. He still was a good guy at heart and that eventually won out. He does change throughout the season. He eventually sees the other Rangers as friends and does bury the hatchet with Wes. His character arc (as well as other things) is one of the reasons that season is one of the best of the show.

1. Tommy Oliver as The Green Ranger and White Ranger (Might Morphin’)
Well, you knew this was coming. I mean, who else can be number one on this list? Tommy was the first Sixth Ranger. He became the Green Ranger when Rita Repulsa hypnotized him and turned him loose on the Rangers. It took four episodes to get Tommy back to the good side. He joined the team and even had a cool weapon and an awesome Zord. That all changed when he lost his powers. He did get them back for a while but the Green Power Coin eventually gave out.

Then, a new Ranger was later introduced. The rest of the team was shocked to find that Zordon had made Tommy the White Ranger. He was even made leader which was awesome. He also had a cool weapon (a talking sword?) and another awesome Zord. Tommy made it all work. He was cool, selfless, and actually looked like he could kick your butt. The Rangers even had two theme songs that of reeked of cheese and coolness. Overall, Tommy is still the best when it comes to the Sixth Ranger.

Well, that’s the end of my list. So, who’s your favorite of the bunch? Are the even listed? Let me know. Now excuse me as I wonder how a fight between the Q-Rex and Dragonzord would go.

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