Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Thoughts #31 - It's Getting Weird Out There

Well, Spring has finally come. The cold air is trying to leave, but it’s still trying to stay around like that annoying bee that won’t leave. There isn’t much going on in my life. Work’s fine and WOMEN are women. There’s not much to say there and even if I had something to say, my mouth would still stay shut. Also, it is getting weird out there. We have rumors of wars, earthquakes, planes disappearing, and folk losing it. It’s like Someone’s trying to say something, ya know? Now all we need is some cat/dog pairings and you’ll know that something's coming. Whatever happens, just know that I’ll remember to do that one move. Anyway, let’s get away from all of the weirdness of the real world for a minute and look at a couple of random thoughts.

Star Wars/Star Trek Month
Most may think this is sacrilege, but I actually don't care what most think anyway. The month of May will be devoted to both Star Trek and Star Wars. I tried to do something involving Star Wars a long time ago, but I think it fell apart because of school and other interests. This time is different. I know what I’ll be doing and what to talk about this time. I decided to put the two franchises into one month for two reasons: I shockingly don’t have a lot to say about Star Wars and I’ve already done most things involving Trek. I may even put the two franchises into mortal combat and see which is greater… or maybe not. You can’t be too sure these days.

Batman Month
Batman: Go back to September, Man of Steel!!!

For June and probably some of July, Batman will be finally making a return to that space. Superman will be pushed back to September where it used to be. I’m basically going to do the same thing I did with Superman last year. It’s Batman’s 75th birthday, so I’m going to try to look at all of the eras of Batman from his beginnings to now. I’m also going to look at all (and I mean ALL) of the direct-to-video movies that heavily featured Batman. Everything from Mask of the Phantasm to Batman and Son will be looked at.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I want to wish all of you a Good Friday and a Happy Easter. Also, be careful out there in these hectic times. Peace and God Bless. 

Somthing about this pic always puts a smile on my face.

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