Long ago,

"So what is this blog about? Me, me. me!!!

Okay, It's not all about me. Some of it just is. Anyway, the blog is pretty much a random blog, littered with the things I am interested in, So look around! You might find something interesting."

Yeah, I think it's time for a bit of a touch-up to the "About" page.

My name is Ryell, and no, I'm not of the house of El. I'm just a random guy from Tennessee with some random thoughts about everything. It's all in the title: Random Thoughts. I decided to start a blog because... I was bored or something. I was at a job fair and someone asked me if I had a blog. I was thinking, "What the crap would I talk about? I barely talk as it is!" So, I started it and ultimately decided to talk about almost anything. Posts mostly include:
  • A lot of stuff on Superman. He is number one after all.
  • A lot of things on comics in general. It's mainly Marvel or DC stuff
  • Reviews on movies, TV shows, some video games, and some music
  • Random stuff about my life
  • Random things in general. It doesn't get too random, though.
  • Random comments on women. Don't worry, folks. They're good comments.
  • A bit of fun
  • A lot of errors on grammar and stuff. I'm my own editor, so it's going to happen. Those early posts are hard to read for me.

Don't worry, it's just PG or PG-13 material. I might call someone a "jackass", though. So, look around and browse a bit. You might actually find something interesting. For anyone who knows me in the real world... "Yo."

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