Long ago,

"So what is this blog about? Me, me. me!!!
Okay, It's not all about me. Some of it just is. Anyway, the blog is pretty much a random blog, littered with the things I am interested in, So look around! You might find something interesting."

Yeah, I think it's time for a bit of a touch-up to the "About" page.

My name is Ryell, and no, I'm not of the house of El. I'm just a random guy with some random thoughts about everything. Hence the title: Random Thoughts.

This blog is simply about my interests. Apparently, I have a lot of them. I'll talk about everything from movies to books to comic books. I'll even throw some music in there if I'm just that random. I might even talk about life a little bit and about the mysterious aspects of women... Okay, I might not talk about that last thing, but you never know. Don't worry, it's just PG or PG-13 material. So, look around and browse a bit. You might actually find something interesting.

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